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Do You Have What it Takes?
Published by Julie Klein on 2014-08-21 18:21:48
I read a wonderful piece today about entrepreneurship that was posted by Sandy Blomstrom.  I recommend that you read it here:  Sandy’s post inspired me to write ... Read More

Why a Handwritten Note and a Personal Touch Works Better Than a Loyalty Program
Published by Wade Burgess on 2014-08-19 23:19:46
One man on one flight changed my entire view of the airline industry. To go further, he restored my belief that one person can transform the word around them, regardless of circumstances.Your ability to stand out is not limited by your company, ... Read More

4 Marketing lessons to learn from the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge"
Published by Avinash Anantha Murthy on 2014-08-18 13:20:52
If you are a social media-holic, chances are that in the last 2 weeks, you would have chanced upon a video of a celebrity, or an athlete, or a politician dumping buckets of ice and water over their heads. I wouldn't blame you if you already... Read More

Freedom To Traffic You Control Not Google!
Published by Yancey Thomas Jr on 2014-08-17 02:54:43
As an internet business builder I love the freedom to control the quality and quantity of traffic to my web properties. Creating actionable and sustainable traffic generation options independent of search engine control simply makes good business sen... Read More

Passion Breeds Success!
Published by Steve Wright on 2014-08-16 15:59:04
PASSION - What is it? How will it help you? Why do you need it? To succeed in a home business, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it eventually becomes a reality. Nothing will get you off the ground and headed for success ... Read More

Meet Their Needs Make Money With Craigslist
Published by Linda & Italia Elze on 2014-08-16 15:42:35
Any feedback would be great. "Most important Article of your Life so make sure you read this and Leave comments and right here is just one of the articles of 1100 articles across multiple subjects that are bringing me "Prospects and Leads" and YOU ne... Read More

Let the System do the Grunt Work
Published by Tony Harnett on 2014-08-16 12:17:54
Remember when you first heard, "It’s just a numbers game." Somebody said that to you because you had called 25 people with absolutely no success. What they meant was, "Keep on swinging. Eventually you'll hit one." Unfortunately, they did n... Read More

Promote Goodwill
Published by Martin Green on 2014-08-15 14:00:14
I invite you to Join My Cause and become a part of my down line support team.  By doing so show support for the humanitarian efforts of myself and my support team as well.  I invite you to come on board, setup in the forums to tal... Read More

How to Facebook Stalk and Why You Should
Published by Karen Stephen on 2014-08-14 18:18:48
Facebook wants you to stalk your competitors.  They’ve made it very easy to do.  When Facebook introduced the feature on your Insights page called “Pages to Watch”, Facebook gave marketers a powerful listening tool, free o... Read More

Why Leaders Undermine Employee Engagement and Why It Won’t Change
Published by Terri Lorz on 2014-08-14 11:30:18
A co-worker had been working from home and abused this privilege. One day my boss sent out an email saying no one could work from home anymore. I rarely did because of meetings and wanting input from my peers on projects but occasionally I needed to ... Read More

7 Things Employees Wish They Could Tell Their Boss About Salaries
Published by Jeff Haden on 2014-08-14 11:23:11
Even if you're a great boss (here are some ways to tell if you are a great boss) there are a lot of things you don’t know about your employees.That's especially true where salaries are concerned. Here's what employees think and feel about ... Read More

The Peter Principle Explained
Published by Rolf Dinsmore on 2014-08-14 11:16:29
I was not a great laboratory technician. Some days I was so bored doing exactly the same thing that I would experiment with different ways of doing it. Good thing that I worked in a research laboratory and my playing around was useful.For most jobs, ... Read More

Are you a micromanager?
Published by Robert Naylor on 2014-08-14 10:54:39
Your boss holds you responsible for completing a big project on schedule and on budget, so you closely watch members of your team to make sure they do exactly what you need done in exactly the ways you need it done.High expectations from your superio... Read More

Stop Nagging and Start Inspiring
Published by Rob Pickering on 2014-08-14 10:46:05
It can feel really frustrating when someone isn’t doing what they ought to, yet nagging them to do it just seems to make it worse. No one likes being nagged!Nagging will usually come across as a form of verbal attack. Phrases like “Why ha... Read More

What Google’s New Dynamic Sitelinks Can Do For You
Published by Adrienne Erin on 2014-08-14 04:27:23
Talk about Christmas in July.On July 24, Google gave its AdWords users an incredible gift: dynamic sitelinks. These automatically generated sitelinks will be incorporated into Google’s ad program, appearing at the bottom of the ad. They ar... Read More

Did you know...?
Published by Coach Kola on 2014-08-14 01:58:53
Keeping God #1 in Your Business (PR_Vol_28)Did you know...? (Part 3of3)Mark 8:36For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?I welcome you to part-3 of this series, and for those of you who have not read par... Read More

Finished Means Finished!
Published by Coach Kola on 2014-08-14 01:54:35
See The Work Accomplished!John 19:30So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. What do you see when it comes to healing for your sick body, restoration for your fa... Read More

Congress Will Vote This Month To Sue Obama! Help Pressure Congress To Authorize The Lawsuit!
Published by Martin Green on 2014-08-13 00:33:24
 Obama has failed to faithfully uphold his oath of office. He has acted with his pen and phone to unilaterally change laws. He has refused to work with Congress. He has taken matters into his own hands far too often. Enough is enough! It is time... Read More

Facebook Marketing: Zizzling Hot Tips for Success
Published by Alonzo Williams on 2014-08-12 22:58:25
Nowadays, there are tons of social networking websites available in the internet. Here, you will be able to keep in touch with your friends, find long lost relatives, and even make new friends. However, social networking isn't just what you can get f... Read More

Google Updates Local Search Algorithm (Pigeon Update)
Published by BRENT CARNDUFF on 2014-08-12 08:47:57
Google’s recent update – unofficially labeled the “Pigeon” update – is impacting the local search listings associated with Google Maps (the 7-pack).Although not a lot is known about the update yet, Google did say that it... Read More

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